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See Why People Choose SANYO

Founded in 1949, SANYO is a Fortune 500 Japanese Electronics Company headquartered in Osaka, Japan. The name SANYO, meaning "three oceans"- specifically the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, represents our founder's, the late Toshio Iue, earnest ambition to generate business throughout the world, capitalizing on the company's three core assets: excellent human resources, superior technologies and first-class service.

Since 1963, SANYO has provided high quality TVs to over 40 million American consumers and for over 55 years. Solid track record has enabled SANYO to become #1 Japanese TV Brand in USA*. Currently, SANYO retails in Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, and online stores while expanding its business growth in Mexico.

* Source: The NPD Group / Flat Panel TV Units Sold / Jan 2011 - Jul 2014

A Foundation of Solid Dependability - The #1 Japanese TV Brand in USA*

  • With over 65 years total history, 50 of which were in America, SANYO has provided trusted home entertainment that has withstood the test of time by building relationships with over 40 million customers.
  • Our solid track record has enabled us to become #1 Japanese TV Brand in the country.*
  • When you choose SANYO, you are in good company, backed by a brand with a history of proven success.

Excellent Value - Where Quality Meets Affordability

  • With a range of premium screen size choices, all with optimum 178 degree viewing angles and a crisp picture, Sanyo provides amazing visuals.
  • Complementing the visuals are dual audio speakers and an array of connection possibilities including HDMI and ROKU Ready ports*, one stop for all your home entertainment peripherals.
  • In addition to superior picture and audio, we also care about what goes on inside the TV, such as quality control and safety issues. Even though you don't see behind the scenes, rest assured that all your bases are covered; there are numerous upgrades and countless improvements our engineers and technicians have developed, which many competitors have neglected to worry themselves with in order to cut costs. For example, even our boxes are designed with uniquely designed clips to significantly minimize damage and accidents during your TVs journey to your door. Enjoy a reliable TV with our dependable expertise invested in its entirety.

Persistent Improvement - Innovation as a Lifestyle

  • Innovation has always been a core value of Sanyo's. The radio, solar battery, television - We tirelessly pioneer to make luxury products affordable to everyone.
  • From ultra quick response times and easy to use Smart TV features to slimmer bezels and crystal glass stands for superior room aesthetics, Sanyo is in constant pursuit of delivering the value of innovation directly to its customers.*

Our Customer Service - Tailored Care that Understands

  • While many companies outsource their customer service to cut costs, we invest on in-house representatives, as serving you is our top priority.
  • We get it! It's frustrating to be put on hold. This rarely happens with our service as we work hard to make our response times courteously efficient. To better assist you, Sanyo service representatives are well versed and trained in the particulars and nuances of our products.
  • We ensure needs are addressed and customers remain happy with the Sanyo choice long after purchase; we want long lasting relationships.